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Various Forms of Entertainment

Your choice of entertainment often makes or breaks a party, and therefore it's important to engage the appropriate professionals for your affair.
 • Weddings: Most often, it's a simple choice between a band of musicians or a DJ. However, nowadays some couples choose to have a "theme party," or entertain the guests with special effects such as Bubble Machines, Dry Ice Machines, Exploding Balloons, Fireworks, Intelligent Light Show, Smoke Machines, Streamer Cannons and 'Luck of the event' Chimney Sweeps.
• Bar/Bat Mitzvahs: If you are having a formal affair, you may stick with musical entertainment, but lots there are lots of additional options which will make your child and his/her friends very happy. Examples: Magician, Comedian, Jugglers, and dance instructors (leaders).
• Children's Birthdays: Aside from cake and ice cream? How about clowns? And there are Magicians, Costumed Characters, Pony Rides, Bounce Houses, Petting zoos, Group singing, Video games, Arts and Crafts.. and much more.

Practical Advice - Questions You Want Answered - Check List
• Before you book your entertainment, check references, verify experience, and discover if the company delivers on their promises.
• Verify equipment used. Some entertainers use hand-me-downs or the cheapest equipment they can get by with because they shop by price or simply can’t afford quality. Imagine not being able to understand the announcements, hearing hiss or a buzz during the entire event or having part of your beautifully decorated event contain an eyesore of wires and beat up equipment.
• Make sure your contract includes contingencies for the event in which the entertainer is ill or otherwise cannot attend your event.
• Verify entertainer's insurance coverage. Every legitimate business has insurance.
• Work with the entertainer and tailor the event to your specifications. Verify can and cannot dos in advance, to avoid problems and misunderstandings during the ceremony.
• Your contract should detail what services are included
• Have everything documented in WRITING.



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