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Jewish Baby Names
Jewish Names, Hebrew Names, Biblical Names, Yiddish Names
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In Israel and the Diaspora naming a Jewish child is an undertaking not taken lightly. Traditionally, Jews named their offspring in honor of family members who passed on amongst those of Ashkenazic lineage and in honor of the living parents and grandparents amongst those of Sephardic descent. Jews also name their children in honor of Biblical and important Jewish historical figures.

But in recent years, naming Jewish children has taken a socio-political turn.  In addition to celebrating Jewish heritage and history, some contemporary parents "capitalize" on this opportunity to make political statements, express viewpoints on environment and other issues, or simply a declaration of their wishes, desires and hopes. 

An additional trend growing, especially in Israel, is blurring the gender-specific line.  For instance, Daniel, a traditional boy's name, is now used freely for both boys and girls.

So what's In A Name? If our name is indeed a key to who we are, reflecting our character, and distinguishes us from others, what more important task, responsibility and obligation to ones child does a parent have than give him or her an appropriate name?

Choose your child's name carefully. Investigate a name's meaning, and be cognizant of trends and fashions. Though you may wish to use this opportunity of naming your child as a vehicle for self-expression, remember! It is your child who will be carrying the burden or blessing of your choice.

Jewish Celebrations put together a comprehensive and growing index of Jewish (Hebrew and Yiddish) names, for your perusal.  When available, source is provided (biblical, modern, etc.) as well as meaning, and gender. Names are organized alphabetically based on their Hebrew pronunciations, so "Chaim" would appeal under "C" rather than Haim under the letter "H."

Search for a Jewish Name by Clicking Anyone of the Letters Below
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