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Summary of the Orthodox Wedding Summary
An Orthodox Perspective by Rivka C. Berman

 § Kabbalat Panim – Greeting the Bride
 § Chatan’s Tish - Grooms reception: tenaim, and ketubah (wedding documents) are signed, mothers of the bride and groom break a plate.
 § Depending on the hour, mincha, the afternoon service, may be prayed at this time.
 § Bedeken – the groom veils the bride
 § Processional – Groom goes first, attendants, and then the bride. Once the couple is standing under the Chuppah, a special welcome song is chanted.
Circling – Bride circles the groom.
 § Another song, praising God who will bless the bride and groom.
 § (Letter of Blessing – Lubavitch couples will read the standard letter of blessing written for brides and grooms by the Lubavitcher Rebbe (1902-1994).
 § Priestly Blessing: A kohen blesses the couple with the traditional three part priestly blessing. “May the Lord bless you and keep you…” )
 § Erusin – the engagement service.
 § Blessing is said over wine.
 § Engagement blessing is said.
 § Groom and bride sip from the cup.
 § Ring Ceremony - The groom says the marriage formula: “Harei at mekudeshet li…”, “Behold you are sanctified unto me.”
 § The bride receives the ring
 § Reading of Ketubah – Marriage contract is read in Aramaic. (Text is explained at some ceremonies)
 § The ketubah is handed to the bride
 § Nesuin – the marriage blessings
 § A second blessing over the wine is said.
 § The marriage blessings are said.
 § Groom and bride sip from the cup.
 § Breaking the Glass – The groom stamps on and shatters a glass.
 § Recessional
 § Yichud – Union. The newlyweds retreat for some time alone together.
Reception – Guests celebrate the marriage and gladden the newlyweds with dancing and merrymaking. The meal is served.
 § Grace After Meals – Along with the prayers that follow the consumption of bread, the sheva berachot, seven marital blessings, are said over a cup of wine.


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