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Everything You Need to Know
From Meaning to Planning A Jewish Wedding

by Rivka C. Berman

Marriage is a holy institution in Judaism, a sacred bond between man and woman who commit to a life together. A life they hope, of physical, emotional, and spiritual fulfillment. Marriage is viewed as a positive divine command, for the Creator desires to see His Creation endure.

Jewish law is based on the belief that man and woman marry for the purpose of procreation, and indeed, the Torah impresses upon us the sanctity of marriage. The matrimonial ceremony in Hebrew is referred to as "kiddushin," literally, "sanctification."

Jewish weddings, regardless of the differences among Jews and Jewish observances, have much in common. Regardless of religious affiliation (Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform) or of ethnic affiliation. Askhenazic Jews (descended from Eastern European Jews), Sephardic Jews (descended from Idle Eastern or Spanish Jews), Yemenite Jews, and Ethiopian Jews all perform the marriage ceremony under the Chuppah (canopy), where the groom recites a ritual formula of acquisition and consecration. (Reform Jews often have both bride and groom recite the "consecration" blessing to each other.)

The wedding ceremony may be conducted in a synagogue, temple or other location of the couple's choosing: many are in the same site as the reception. The ceremony is usually performed by a Rabbi.

More Information About Celebrating a Jewish Wedding
The Mazor Guide to Jewish Celebrations is proud to present to you guidance from the perspectives of the three major streams of Judaism.

Orthodox Perspective: Jewish Wedding Traditions and Information
Conservative Perspective: Jewish Wedding Traditions and Information
Reform Perspective: Jewish Wedding Traditions and Information

Sheva Brachot: The Seven Blessings under the Chupah
Jewish Wedding Glossary

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