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Aufruf: A Torah Honor
A Reform Perspective by Rivka C. Berman

“Aufruf” is a Yiddish word meaning “to be called up”. The Shabbat before his wedding, a bride and a groom are called up to the Torah or the aufruf.   Aside from wishing the couple a hearty Mazal Tov, the rabbi may offer a prayer for the marriage.  .

Candy and raisins are thrown to wish the couple a sweet and fruitful life. Children collect the goodies and gain a sense of the sweet potential of marriage. In the Talmudic era, a newly-married couple had grains and nuts tossed at them, but only in the summer. Winter mud eliminated the possibility of retrieving the tossed food, and there is a commandment against willful wasting of food.

Word to the wise. Choose pre-wrapped, soft candies. Check with the rabbi. Some synagogues have pelting policies.

Hosting an after-service Kiddush or Oneg Shabbat is a way to share a couple's happiness with the entire congregation. In years gone by, the portion of Isaac and Rebecca’s betrothal was read at the aufruf.


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