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Jewish Wedding Ceremony Part III: The Ketubah Reading
A Reform Perspective by Rivka C. Berman

Formally, the ketubah is read as a way to keep the division clear between the Erusin ceremony and the Kiddushin ceremony.

Wedding vows are not part of the Jewish tradition, but many ketubot and marriage certificates include loving tributes and commitments. Reading these documents or speaking other words of love incorporates those pledges into the wedding ceremony.

Meaningful readings from other sources: favorite poems, song lyrics, meaningful excerpts from literature, personally penned declarations, fit in at this point in the ceremony as they act as the traditional dividers between the erusin and nesuin ceremonies. Discuss ideas with your rabbi at the pre-wedding meetings. Jewish literature and liturgy are lush with many beautiful, if lesser known, meditations on love, dedication, unity, individuality, and much more.

The officiating rabbi may choose to share a wedding sermon during this pause between the Erusin and Nesuin ceremonies.


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